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Bill Note Counter

Bill Note Counter

Also known as Money Counting Machine / Banknote Counter Machine / Currency Counter Machine / Bill Counter Machine This is our professional grade banknote counter for Malaysia Ringgit ( RM ) or many other currencies, with the latest intelligent counterfeit detection. When the strictest counterfeit detection controls are required, this range of counteroffers it all at a reasonable price.

Product Description

To get rid of Stuck in counting and recounting money, and manually checking for counterfeit payments.  Alpha Business Machine technologies doing all of the advance speed of counting give you the results you want. More over,  you’ll have the ability to enhance accuracy, minimize the errors and uptrend your productivity. Besides this upward approach,  Get speedy counting outcomes and spot counterfeits instantly, with our cash sorting instruments which might be excellent for houses and companies alike. So, We use Bill Note Counter Machine.


These home equipment make accounting, banking, and finance administration easier and faster. Most Importantly, as they are not prone to error and are very dependable in functionality. Furthermore,  The use of Cash counters is in vending machines and bank ATMs to determine the depositing & withdraw of money.
Some highly advanced counters can count both national and foreign currency. Fully electronic counters can count batches of notes or coins without individual processing.
A modern forex counting machine enables the deposit of money without envelopes making the process much simpler and secure. Furthermore, Advanced machines can identify bill denominations, detect whole foreign money worth of blended banknotes and counterfeit banknotes.  Besides this, Some highly superior counters can count each national and international currency. Fully electronic counters can count batches of notes or cash without individual processing. Electronic machines detect counterfeit foreign money with the help of ultraviolet sensors or laser backlight detectors.


The counting process terminates automatically if a fake note is detected, thereby allowing the user to remove the bank note if required. In UAE many international travelers comes and the chance of fake currency note is very high.

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