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Through the authorization or revocation of rights to physical access control inside an organization, access control systems assist in managing access. The access control solution ensures a secure environment for workers, guests, and contractors and manages access to critical locations. Our cutting-edge access control systems offer a practical physical access control solution and secure your workplace space. We employ the broadest selection of robust, adaptable access control readers and credentials offered by HID in the market. The networked secure access control solutions provided by ABM, such as the award-winning cloud IP-based access control hardware and ES-Eye open architecture access controllers, represent a new revolution in IP-enabled access control solutions. Edge offers fully distributed intelligence and decision-making power to fulfill the needs of open architecture, IP-centric environments.

Door Security ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Provider in Dubai

Smart door security access systems make it possible to fully automate limiting and permitting access to your locations. With our smart door security access control system, your doors and entrances are safer and more secure.

With daily visit operations in Dubai, we offer our prestigious customers in the UAE automatic electronic door security access control solutions using the most secure technologies like biometric identity solutions, RFID smart card technology, and others.

We treat each request individually to deliver the most reliable and suitable solution for your needs regarding smart door access control solutions.

Access Control System list of Companies 

In addition to integrating attendance Management Systems, Door eye cameras & inside LED monitors for receptionist, Networked Digital Video door phone, and HID cards and remote controllers into a networked environment for physical access control, Digital lock offers an integrated one-stop solution for access control systems, intruder deterrence, office security, and more. Elevator control, fire alarms, intruder alerts, and more are all things we can incorporate. Depending on your needs, ABM may also provide you fingerprint access control, install door access control systems, and much more.

Fingerprint Attendance Dubai

The use of a time and attendance system has many advantages for businesses. It makes it possible for a company to completely regulate every employee's working hours. By lowering overpayments. Which are frequently brought on by transcription error, interpretation error, and purposeful error—it helps keep labor expenses under control. Additionally eliminated are manual processes and the manpower needed to oversee them. Reduce the amount of time and money you spend monitoring attendance. Although adhering to labor standards may be challenging, a time and attendance system is essential for ensuring compliance with labor regulations that need presenteeism certification. easy to understand and use
You can quickly copy and paste your data into other applications.
drastically cuts down on time spent monitoring staff attendance

Facial Recognition Time Attendance Machine

We oversee sophisticated and secure facial recognition time participation devices like Bio Sense that do not require ID cards, photos, or logins. Any employee can sign up for involvement in a matter of seconds.

The information is then transmitted to your systems, which creates simple-to-read reports that make tracking attendance and timekeeping simple.

Face readers are a wonderful solution to combat the issue of time theft and buddy punching while also assisting you in managing attendance data because they accurately identify each individual employee. Find the time attendance biometric solution that best suits your company's needs by perusing our collection of products utilizing this cutting-edge technology.

Guard Tour System Dubai

A Guard Tour System can bring many benefits to an organization, including:

  1. Improved Accountability: With a guard tour system, it is easier to keep track of a guard's rounds and monitor their performance. This increases accountability and helps ensure that guards are doing their job effectively.
  2. Enhanced Safety: The guard tour system helps to ensure that guards are following proper procedures, which can enhance overall safety for both the guards and the people and assets they are protecting.
  3. Increased Efficiency: By automating the process of monitoring and tracking guard tours, a guard tour system can increase efficiency and reduce the administrative workload associated with manual record-keeping.
  4. Real-Time Monitoring: With a guard tour system, supervisors can monitor guard tours in real-time, which can help quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise.
  5. Improved Record Keeping: A guard tour system provides a digital record of each tour, which can be easily accessed and analyzed. This makes it easier to track patterns and trends over time, and to resolve disputes or discrepancies that may arise.
  6. Enhanced Customer Service: By using a guard tour system, an organization can demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality security services, which can enhance its reputation and improve customer satisfaction.
  7. Cost Savings: By improving efficiency and reducing the workload associated with manual record-keeping, a guard tour system can help an organization to save time and resources, and ultimately reduce costs.

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