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Guard Patrolling System

Guard Patrolling hand-held metal body covered rubber shell, extra strong durability.
Auto-detect smart card reading
Total waterproof
Damage absorbent, easy cleaning
Read EM RFID smart card
USB cable communication, no need for an extra station
Large storage memory 4 Mb Flash memory, 60,000 logs records
Reading distance ≤ 9 cm
Easy handling, dynamic design
Real-time internal time clock
Electrical shockproof
Long battery life for 30 days

Technical Specification

WM-5000V Hand Held Reader
Physical Metal Body covered rubber shell
Dimensions 130.0 mm x 40.0 mm x .0 28mm
Working Frequency 125.0 KHz
Operating Temperature -48° to 185°F
Humidity 11% to 97% non-condensing
Memory 4Mb Flash Read Only Memory
Storage Capacity 60,000 pcs records
Battery 3.0 V Lithium Battery, 1200mAh
Signal Card Detection Auto detect card reading
Card Reading Distance 2.9 cm – 5.0 cm
Communication USB port Cable
Weight 198 grams
Guard Patrolling Hardware quick start .
  1. Every patrolling guard takes the hand held reader and read his own Card ID to identify himself.
  2. The guards go to the checkpoints 1 by 1, the Reader will automatically read each checkpoint. When reading successfully finish, a flash of the red indicator light accompanied by a “beep” means that a reading has been done. The hand held WM 5000V will store the checkpoint’s ID number and time for every station reading.
  3. After patrolling are done, use the USB port cable to connect the hand held reader to computer and the software directly collect the data from hand held reader and store all data in database for guard Route analysis.

Product Description

Guard Patrolling System

Guard Patrolling system Dubai Solution was designed to handle the security of a big warehouse, Oil terminals, or sensitive material company. However, you choose to secure your premises by  Patrolling system Dubai. Furthermore,  if your security guard service is supplying in-house HR. Guard Patrol tracking system Dubai provides a means to handle the guards patrolling 24X7 and 365 Days. An employee’s patrol rounds can be tracked using a guard tour patrol system, which is used by security guards patrolling in a property. the main perspective is watchman looking over all secure and controlled spaces. The Security supervisor and correctional officers inspecting costly material warehouse. It makes sure the security watchman completes their designated rounds at the proper intervals and provides a record for documentation or insurance purposes. These systems, which rely on digital watch clocks (watchman clocks, guard tour clocks, and patrol clocks), have been around for a while.

Early in the 2000, computerized systems made their debut in middle east. They followed in 1986 in America.  Handheld data loggers and RFID checkpoints are the foundation of contemporary systems. When an employee arrives at particular locations on their tour, the system offers a way to record the time. watch stations or checkpoints.


ABM Innovative Guard Patrol has been currently utilizing in many groups of companies like GEMS Educational Group Dubai, Enoc Oil Terminal Dubai. Furthermore,  Bluetooth Low Energy companies, Our Guard Tour IP 67 Wands use Cloud computing technologies to give security companies real-time live notifications. Besides this, it gives a  powerful patrolling program on desktops. For a tool, guards will probably use the Wand Scanner Throughout patrol rounds day and night. Guard Patrolling system Dubai wants to tap on the checkpoint black round tags on scans. Furthermore, or RFID checkpoints for wand scanner checkpoints to verify time and correct location in that site as per pre-defined routes.

This program also permits the patrolling guards to record fire or broken locks or unidentified personal events. Furthermore, it sends photographs, updates in real-time, or asks to get support from the control room. A recorded message for the supervisor, who is accountable to keep a high degree of safety in any respect times by using the Guard Patrolling system Dubai. Highly sensitive premises safety is NEVER a Your investment in ABM Guard tour system. But along with compromise ensures you handle all compliances and safety elements of your property.

Guard Patrolling System

JWM Guard tour system

JWM Guard tour system WM 5000 is a standalone version application and program that is generate complete statistical reports. Scanner IP67 is a reader to scan checkpoints through 3 to 4 cm distance. USB magnetic cable link PC and reader is a most advanced technology to avoid traditional old connectors. Nylon holster took by the protector. Charger’s got UAE 3 PIN charger. The event label wallet is the number of patrolman labels is base on different events. The number of checkpoints is base on the complete plan tour areas you may monitor by Guard Patrolling system Dubai.

Guard Patrolling system Dubai works by installing a set of RFID checkpoint Tags each with its own distinct location. Furthermore, name together with patrol paths and using patrol personnel execute readings. About the events wallet with a handheld scanner IP 67 Wand wm 5000. The Event wallet numbers and every timestamp is uploading to computers for confirmation and processing of the daily report showing missing checkpoints. The results will be displaying on the screen, emailed, or printed so that supervisors can examine them daily weekly, and monthly basis. so, for more detail contact us.

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