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RFID Card Attendance

Card base time and attendance system

Device name: I30B RFID Card attendance, Device Type is Proximity Reader, Device CPU is Advance ARM 7000, Reader Algorithm is Latest HSA 10.0,Registration capacity: 4 Mega Byte, Registration card capacity is 10000 pcs, Registration password capacity is 10000 pcs, Attendance logs capacity is 180000 pcs, Query logs functions: Available Verify mode: PIN , Proximity Cards False reject rate(FRR): 0.01% False accept rate(FAR): 0.0001%
Identification time: 1 Sec, Identification speed: 5000-30000 pcs,
Registration capacity is 04.00 Mega Byte, Registration card capacity: 10000 pcs, Registration password capacity: 10000 pcs, Attendance logs capacity: 280000 pcs, Query logs functions: Available, Verify mode: PIN , Proximity Cards, False reject rate(FRR): 0.01%, False accept rate(FAR): 0.0001%, Identification time is 01 Seconds
Identification speed: 5000 to 30000 pcs.

Card Punch Attendance

Time punching machine Dubai

Mostly companies employees preferer can use electronically clock in and out using bundy clocks, But management always preferred internet supported connected PCs, mobile android devices, and time clocks. More over additionally some new solutions permit users to log in and out by using Apps text messages, We have other messaging apps like Time clock. Using our APPs an employee clocks in or out and the data is immediately transferred to software so that your payroll HR solution can easily real time input on server.

These advanced APP programs do automatically all updates than only record when employees clock in and clock out depart. These APP also manage paid overtime hours monthly , construction workers, staff cleaners, provide total labor pay reports. Our App base software provide real time data on who is working, who is not, who arrived late, and who is approaching overtime for outside remote locations.

Product Description

RFID Card Attendance Dubai

RFID card attendance offers the latest technology and design card punching machine and I30B RFID  Card Attendance machine near you in Dubai. Just Call +971 055 1787172.  I30B RFID Time recorder card punching machine uses monthly paper card sheets. Which will be Pile on a card rack with 50 pockets on each rack. This rack is set in a place in this card punching machine feeder entry. After the job begins the card sheets are punching inside the Bundy clock machine from the top by each employee.  After that, they are transporting to card rack name positioning.  Furthermore, At the exact same time punch on each card, it’s assessed whether one card sheet both sides bi-weekly can use by card punching machine Dubai.


Furthermore, the EN-818 RFID  card machine Dubai is performing with a high-performance since last decays The servo motor, strong robust scan head, and smooth LEDs.  Now a days ahead of the punch card, each rfid card row is recognized to ensure the greatest precision with 3 columns for a time in and 3 columns for time out. Besides that,  A perforation module of bi-weekly columns of time in and time out is incorporating as sequence manners. Which, among other time cards, Special holes are marking on each card to rectify the punched in &out for employee daily punching.
Time card punching machine Dubai can use Up to 500 Cards daily.  Which are stacking in 50 pockets card rack. When there is a time of work shift, it’s transported into the watchman room. Whereas an empty card takes the upcoming attendance. On the occasion of salary preparation, these time cards output assortments are carrying out Byers employee wages
Much mechanical time records wheel for printing time on cards nowadays electronic computers card punching machine used for punched time cards. These frequently prepared using keypunch machines are famous in UAE local labor companies as the key medium of timekeeping solution
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Is technical support available after the installation?

Yes, Alpha Business Machine Technology provides ongoing technical support, maintenance services, and training to ensure that your RFID card attendance system operates optimally and addresses any issues promptly.

How long does it take to install a RFID card attendance system?

The installation time depends on factors such as the size and complexity of the project. Alpha Business Machine Technology’s experts will assess your requirements and provide a timeframe for the installation process. Installing a RFID card attendance system can vary in terms of time depending on several factors. The ABM installation process involves various steps, including assessment, system design, hardware installation, software configuration, enrollment, testing, calibration, training, and handover. The duration of each step may vary based on the complexity of the project, the number of employees, and the specific requirements of the organization.


Implementing a fingerprint attendance system from ABM in Dubai can significantly enhance your workforce management and efficiency. By automating attendance tracking through biometric technology, businesses can enjoy accurate records, streamlined processes, enhanced security, and improved productivity. Alpha Business Machine Technology’s expertise in providing customized solutions, professional installation services, ongoing support, and quality products makes them a reliable partner for fingerprint attendance systems in Dubai. Make informed decisions and elevate your workforce management capabilities with Alpha Business Machine Technology’s advanced fingerprint attendance systems.


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