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Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance

Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance

System Access= 100% cloud access with your login credentials
Compatible devices =ZKTeco T&A devices with fingerprints and/or RFID recognition and ADMS function (Check
Compatibility with ZKTeco)
Suggested web browsers= Firefox 27+ /Chrome 33+
Screen resolution= 1024×768 or higher

Product Description

Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance

Go Time Cloud may be a cloud-based Time attending Management Solution. Furthermore, Cloud Based Fingerprint Attendance centralizes your employee’s time period info and Time attending fingerprint. Besides this, RFID devices are on one platform, creating this knowledge accessible from net browsers, regardless of wherever you are. Furthermore, with Go Time Cloud your company and employee’s data are secure at AWS through your applications program of alternative and while not requiring any previous infrastructure or package application. Besides this, our resolution adapts to any amendment in your company.  Furthermore, Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance permitting you to arrange and assemble without limitations, everything concerning the means you track time and attendance.

Further that, you’ll be able to produce advanced calendars, tailored schedules, or assemble all shifts for your company. Further that, Go Time Cloud is one centralized cloud computing atmosphere that ensures that every one of your existing facilities anyplace within the world adds the same way, lease your employee’s remote clock in/ out and chase the precise time and GPS locations.


  • Centralize your installations in one platform
  • Create advanced calendars and tailored
  • Easily view and manage your employees’
    incidences or petitions
  • Accrued balance hours
  • Generate reports
  • Remote clock in/out

Fingerprint Attendance System

ZK Teco Time & Attendance Device

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Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance are ideal for businesses of any size because they ensure that the most valuable resource of the company, employee work time, is used effectively. The cloud base devices are used to implement on the door entrance with HR time attendance system. The HR management software to better manage multi-access doors attendance and duty roster calculation. The Time and Attendance access control models includes biometric fingerprint card verification sensors and technologies. In Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Middle East, we provide a series of Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance and mobile App time attendance systems from a reputable manufacturer at market rates.

In Expo Dubai, 2020 a dynamic EN-606 model  new face recognition access control system with robust user friendly capabilities has been introduced. EN-606 Face recognition use as a door access control system and time attendance system. The traditional face, fingerprint and Passcode access control system in the UAE will be upgraded using it. The most highest security level of accuracy and quickest reaction time algorithm now design. Our Face Recognition mobile App  Access system will use biometric face recognition technology to identify people as they enter or leave the office or building. If you’re  the one who is seeking for Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance & access control devices in UAE, we can offer and install them for your office doors in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman at the most competitive price.

Fingerprint Attendance System

Implementing a face fingerprint attendance system offers several benefits for businesses. Alpha Business machine technology panel we explore some of the main advantages:


  • Accurate Attendance Recording: Fingerprint attendance systems provide precise attendance recording, minimizing errors caused by manual processes or buddy punching.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By automating attendance tracking, businesses save time and reduce administrative costs associated with manual processes and paper-based records.
  • Enhanced Security: Fingerprint authentication ensures that only authorized individuals can clock in and out, enhancing overall security measures.
  • Elimination of Buddy Punching: Fingerprint attendance systems eliminate the practice of buddy punching, where employees clock in on behalf of their colleagues.
  • Streamlined Payroll Processing: Automated attendance records simplify payroll processing by providing accurate work hour calculations, reducing the chances of errors or disputes.
  • Improved Productivity: With a streamlined attendance tracking system, employees can focus more on their tasks, improving overall productivity.

 How Cloud Based Fingerprint Attendance Work

Fingerprint attendance systems utilize advanced biometric technology to capture and analyze the unique fingerprint patterns of individuals. Here’s a simplified explanation of how these systems work:

  1. Enrollment: Employees’ fingerprints are enrolled in the system by scanning and storing their fingerprint patterns as digital templates.
  2. Authentication: When an employee wants to clock in or out, they place their finger on the fingerprint reader. The system captures the fingerprint image and matches it with the stored templates for authentication.
  3. Attendance Recording: Upon successful authentication, the system records the employee’s attendance, marking the exact time of entry or exit.
  4. Data Storage and Processing: Attendance data is securely stored in the system’s database, allowing administrators to access and generate reports as needed.

Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance

Fingerprint Attendance Systems

Fingerprint attendance systems come with various features to enhance functionality and meet the diverse needs of businesses. We assume there are some important features to consider:

  • Fingerprint Readers: These devices capture and analyze fingerprint patterns. Readers may vary in technology, such as optical, capacitive, or multispectral.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Fingerprint attendance systems offer intuitive interfaces for employees to clock in and out easily. This may include touchscreen displays or simple button interfaces.
  • Integration Capabilities: These systems can integrate with other HR and payroll software, enabling seamless data synchronization and simplified payroll processing.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Fingerprint attendance systems provide real-time monitoring of attendance data, allowing supervisors or HR personnel to track employee attendance instantly.
  • Notifications and Alerts: The system can generate notifications or alerts for late or absent employees, ensuring timely actions and reducing compliance issues.

Fingerprint Attendance System Suppliers in Dubai 

When it comes to fingerprint attendance systems in Dubai, Alpha Business Machine Technology is a trusted supplier known for its expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions. ABM offers a comprehensive range of fingerprint attendance systems tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses across industries.

Benefits of choosing Alpha Business Machine Technology for your fingerprint attendance system:

  • Extensive Experience: ABM has a wealth of experience in implementing fingerprint attendance systems for various organizations, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions.
  • Customized Solutions: Alpha Business Machine Technology understands that different businesses have unique requirements. They offer customized fingerprint attendance systems that align with your specific needs, infrastructure, and budget.
  • Quality Products: Alpha Business Machine Technology partners with reputable manufacturers to source high-quality fingerprint readers and related hardware, ensuring accuracy and longevity.
  • Installation and Support: ABM provides professional installation services and ongoing technical support to ensure that your fingerprint attendance system operates optimally.

Fingerprint Attendance System Installation Dubai

Installing a fingerprint attendance system requires diagram planning and step wise execution. There are the basic steps involved in the implementation of installation process:

  1. Assessment: Alpha Business Machine Technology’s experts assess your organization’s requirements, infrastructure, and specific needs to determine the most suitable fingerprint attendance system.
  2. System Design: Collaborate with ABM’s experts to design a customized system that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and meets your workforce management goals.
  3. Hardware Installation: Install fingerprint readers and related hardware at strategic entry points or designated areas where employees can easily clock in and out.
  4. Software Configuration: Configure the attendance software to define attendance policies, shifts, leave management rules, and integration settings with other HR systems if required.
  5. Enrollment: Enroll employees’ fingerprints into the system, ensuring accurate capturing and storage of fingerprint templates.
  6. Testing and Calibration: Perform thorough testing and calibration to ensure the system’s accuracy, reliability, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.
  7. Training and Handover: Provide comprehensive training to administrators and employees on using the fingerprint attendance system. Hand over the system after successful implementation.

FAQs about Fingerprint Attendance System Dubai

Here are some frequently asked questions about fingerprint attendance systems in Dubai from Alpha Business Machine Technology, along with concise answers:

Can fingerprint attendance systems be integrated with existing HR software?

Yes, Alpha Business Machine Technology’s fingerprint attendance systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing HR software, enabling smooth data synchronization and simplified payroll processing.

Are fingerprint attendance systems secure?

Yes, fingerprint attendance systems offer a high level of security as fingerprints are unique to each individual and difficult to replicate. Alpha Business Machine Technology’s systems use advanced encryption and secure data storage measures.

What happens if an employee’s dry fingerprint cannot be read?

In rare cases where a Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance cannot be read due to factors like cuts or abrasions, Alpha Business Machine Technology’s systems offer alternative authentication methods such as PIN codes or access cards.

Can the fingerprint attendance system handle a 1000 of employees?

Yes, Alpha Business Machine Technology’s Cloud Based Centralized Fingerprint Attendance are designed to handle varying employee capacities, from small businesses to large enterprises, ensuring scalability for future growth

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