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Inkjet Coding Printer

Common inkjet coder Features

New Select able Languages are Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Main fonts is by Default selected Arial font, Inkjet coder  allows users to load the fonts as per their requirements.
Barcodes accepted commonly use  UPCA-1, UPCE-2, EAN013, EAN08, INT025, CODE039, CODE0128,DATA MATRIX, QR. code allows user to add the multiple line of barcode
Date format is depends on Variety of date modes which is available as Production Date, Use by barcode Date, QR code expiration Date, Production date and batch code
Automatic counter is available with Flexible setting for serial number, Lot numbers, Box batch code, serial counters.
Print Speed vary depend on different models. We monitor print speed then can be set, auto print flexible measuring or adopting external digital synchronizer.
Multi Management tasks defined by admin use of Multi level PIN protection system. ICP Operator understand the expertise of Technician as administrator.
PC Software’s Database can integrate with MS Excel, MS Access, SQL2002, SQL 2005, SQL2022
Device’s Database support all TIJ printer provide standard port of USB-2.0, Ethernet TCPIP communication very easy to integrate for customer’s requirement.


Technical Parameters

Technology    HP TIJ 2.5, utilizing HP driver board for top quality of printing,
Dimensions    (Height*Width*Density): 270*243*160mm/ 6.7*5.6*4.17inch;
Power Supply    AC 90 Volts AC – 240 Volts DC 50-60HertZ, 60W (Dedicated AC adaptor)
Distance and   

Print head    

Two deflectors available according to different request;

Print head character length between 4-15 mm according to design curves;

Printing speed    10-90m/min (400 DPI);
Resolution    500~800 DPI
Port    1) Ethernet: TCPIP 100/1000 Mb/s, Full control of many devices via PC.
2) USB 2.0 Flash Disc  Support U-Disk download
3) DB 1520 For external printers like photo cell, sync rod or siren kit connect
Printing Objects    Barcodes, Character, Numeric, Shift Code, Counter, Lot-Box Code, Logos, Expiry Date,
Interface    1) 10 inch 1000*450 color LCD touch screen panel
2) 180 degree flip full screen digital design
Ink management    1) Automatically identify the optimum printing protocols;
2) Surety of using  original HP ink consumable.
3) Automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink Tanks
Mounting    Standard side, downside and anti-shock printing bracket;
Product Certification    CE、FCC rule apply
Environment    1) Working Environment: -100°– +155°C;  100%-805%RH,
2) Storage Environment:  -205°– +180°C;  100%-900%RH,

Product Description

A smart portable inkjet coding printer can print high-quality text graphics and various barcodes at 360 degrees. It can also print pictures, QR codes, production date, logo, batch number, logo, etc. Basically, Continuous Inkjet Coding or marking or printers is a system that is used for contactless printing of information on products and packages. In this type of printer, the ink circulates passes via an injector in the inkjet print head.

An inkjet printer will come with a variety of coding ink types which can match your product requirement 100%.


Each drop, with its specific cost, flies by way of a magnetic area made inside the printhead.  The amount of charge placed on the drop determines the quantity of deflection it has on this field.  The amount of charge placed on the drop determines the quantity of deflection it has on this field. The drops that are deflecting most make up the top line of code. After that, the drops that are deflecting a little make up the decreased strains of code. The drops that do not get any cost do not get deflecting and land contained in the printhead and returned into the ink system.

A pressurizing electrical resonator vibrates the ink stream and separates the stream into uniform drops. The measurement of every drop of ink leaving the stream is proportional to the applied voltage load. Then, the charged droplets cross between the 2 deflectors, and an excessive fixed voltage-current happens between these two components.

The truth is that marking expertise just isn’t one-mold expertise, and there is a selection of various components that go into selecting one of the best solutions in your software. So before investing heavily in marking equipment in your facility, remember to think about three primary features that may allow you to select the best expertise.

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