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Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Zk-Teco Fingerprint time attendance supplier in Dubai

Through our Advanced Fingerprint Attendance Machines in Dubai, as a famous Biometric Attendance Supplier in Dubai, We Do Always Provide state of art Time Attendance Solutions for Offices. Our biometric machines can match fingerprint templates at a faster rate than ever before. Employees are able to clock in and out in a split second. Because our Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine features an integrated RFID Fingerprint Sensor, it offers a faster response time. Due to its exceptional performance, it perfectly matches dry, moist, and rough fingertips. Our Biometric Time and Attendance Systems are beautifully designed as well. We always try to provide latest techy time attendance system in the UAE. Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine with Door Access Control is suitable for Offices, Who are looking at really low Price, We are proudly supplied and install cutting edge technology all areas of Dubai. The Leading Time machine brand is ABM. Always rely on Alpha business machine technology

Biometric fingerprint machine price in Dubai

Fingerprint & biometric available in local market, EY-818 fingerprint latest and shining front designed with the most popular low price factor. As Alpha Business Machine Time and Attendance System Provider in Dubai offering the best prices on biometric punching machines for offices, shops and small organizations. Our Biometric Time Attendance System aims to cut costs and paperwork associated with payroll and attendance services in the UAE. In the Middle East region, we provide ZK Teco Time Attendance Machines, Hik vision Attendance Devices, and Virdi Biometric Machines at lower prices. As one of the best suppliers of biometric time attendance systems in the UAE, we continuously develop cutting-edge biometric attendance machines and attendance mobile applications. ABM will be your time attendance partner if you’re seeking for the best time attendance suppliers in the UAE.
Interface operation adopts a modularized hierarchical design Simpler, better, and more logical.
Faster matching speed less than 1 second.

Best biometric attendance machine
  •  All models have User validity settings.
    • Secure data backup and fast retrieve option.
    • New advance feature to capture User ID consisting of letters and numbers.
    • Blue chip Samsung encryption IC for update auto firmware safety & protection.
    • More dynamic & flexible multicolor menu configuration four line colour text display.
Mobile App biometric attendance

Easy to extend functions and customize customers’ demands. Fingerprint Capacity is 8000
Card Capacity is 10,000 (Optional), Record Capacity is 200,000, Display is 3.5-inch Screen, Communication TCP/IP, RS232, USB Host, USB Client(optional), Standard Functions. Work code, SMS, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 input, 9 digit user ID, and photo-ID
Optional Functions for Alpha Business Machine devices are  RFID, Mifare card, HID, Cloud Webserver, Wi-Fi, ADMS,  External & Internal  Bell option.
Software is ZK Time 5.0, Web Net 3.0 , Bio Time 8.5, Power Supply is DC 12Volts 1.5Amp, Fast Verification Speed is ≤2 seconds, UAE Operating Temp 0°C- 55°C, Operating Humidity 20%-80%, Dimension is 190×150×40mm  (Length× Width× Height), Gross Weight is 1.50 kg

The Alpha Business Machine technology attendance system offers a complete set of hardware services, including worldwide remote attendance management and easily accessible reports through browser. Our cloud web-based time attendance software has a built-in reporting structure that includes reports on employee performance, leave and holiday usage, and under and overstaffing. In order to generate the daily Employee Site Monitor Report, Alpha Business Machine technology are also providing face time attendance for labor site vehicles and workers. Alpha Business Machine technology all of the attendance information will be kept on a server with a backup system because it is a cloud based system. As a result, the main server’s attendance data is accessible at real time any moment. Alpha Business Machine technology is one of the best distributor & Suppliers of  biometric time Attendance Systems in Dubai. We are proudly providing Complete turn key attendance access control Solutions at lowest Affordable Prices in Dubai.


Product Description

Fingerprint Time Attendance

ZkTeco iClockOF-160 fingerprint time attendance system old firmware has updated to the new version with completely new experiences including amazing multicolor text AI, absolute stability, fast matching, and extensibility. Moreover, users can manage data by networking ZkTeco iClock OF-160  via RS-232, TCP / IP, and USB Host, desktop Client (optional). Accept this more is all biometric time attendance functions can still work in a network state.

Zk Teco Fingerprint Time Attendance

Zk Teco OF-160 is compatible with various types of USB, Ethernet and  flash drives. The new feature of ADMS, and previous updated SDKs available on selected models. ZKTeco also supports auto data backup and recovery to avoid the risk of accidental deletion of software. On the basis of that, fingerprint bio metric attendance management are taking it to the next level. Besides, you can get the best benefits from iClock-OF-160.
The ZK Teco OF-160 is compatible with a desktop and cloud selection of software programs. More over, if it is match with a series of ABM  brand software. Most techy genius take a look at the structure of database Software. The storage of all database above are critical. We see what database options are available in our program for this model. Initially discover a database function set that can meets our clients need.
Besides this, All Clock Rite terminals feature a top-level administration menu. Which will only be accessible with a particular RFID proximity ‘admin card’. Furthermore,  Individual users can have permissions-based roles. Allowing them to carry out specified actions relying on their responsibilities. The ZK Teco iClock OF-160 is easy to put in with a modern design. ABM Innovative always introduce state of art technology which features as per industry requirements. 

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