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Access control system companies

ZK Teco F-22 Fingerprint Attendance

Access control system companies offer 2.4-inch TFT color screen and Touch keys. Ultra-thin and elegant design. Full Access Control Features Anti-pass-back, access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm. Standard Wi-Fi Network interface by TCP/IP or RS485 Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced ­edibility to link with wired detector or emergency switch Multiple Verification Modes: Multi verification methods (card is optional) providing users various choices

Best biometric attendance machine

Best online device display is 3.4 inch TFT LCD Color Screen, Biometric Fingerprint Capacity is 1000, RFID Card Capacity is 5000 HID optional ID or mifare card, Logs transaction Capacity is 100,000, Robust sensor Bio ID Sensor is Silk ID. Optical Sensor is optional,  Finger sensor Algorithm Version is ZK Finger VX150.0, Communication standard is RS 232 / 485, Ethernet TCPIP, USB flash host, Auto Wi-Fi, Access Control Interface available 3rd Party Electric Lock, No Touch Exit Button, Door sensor Alarm, Wiegand for slave Signal Input, Output for master device, Aux. Input is 1ea for integration function, Main daylight Function is DST, Automatic Status update Switch, Open record real time query, Temperature input, 10 digit user ID, Anti pass back optional, Bell ringing on Lunch,  ADMS(Optional), Power Supply always use 12V DC,3 Amps., Operating Temperature  is 20 °C- 55 °C for UAE weather. Operating Humidity is 30%-79%.Dimension (Length x Width x Height )= 105.50x 178.0x 19.5 mm.
SDK and software is Standalone SDK,

Biometric attendance system price

ABM biometric attendance system is a time and attendance tracking system that uses biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, or hand geometry, to identify and verify the identity of employees. The primary advantage of a biometric system is that it eliminates the need for traditional forms of identification, such as passwords or identification cards, which can be lost, stolen, or forgotten. This leads to increased security, as well as more accurate time tracking, since the system can’t be cheated or manipulated in the same way that traditional systems can.

WIFI biometric attendance system

WIFI biometric attendance systems are commonly used in organizations to streamline the time and attendance tracking process, reduce errors, and improve accountability. They can be integrated with other systems, such as payroll and human resource management software, to provide a more comprehensive solution for organizations.

Overall, biometric attendance systems offer a more efficient and secure way to track employee attendance, and they are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including government, education, healthcare, and finance.

Product Description

Access control system companies

Mostly access control companies in Dubai using F-22 wi fi. It is a fingerprint time tracking machine by access control system Dubai doing really well with a Bio ID sensor and WiFi. We offers the same performance as the advanced ones for reliability. It offers care and excellent speed. On top of that, F-22 can be viewed on the fastest basis, it has high performance in terms of biometric machine. We also offer a optical track sensor with high image quality detection. Also, the F22 is supremely composed with keypad to life and offers for installation.

Access control services in Dubai

Standard Wiegand connection can integrate access control panel by any user. For this, TCP/IP and WiFi used to  place in the different networks in the queue. We put digital and administrative product suitable for unauthorized person mollification. To protect and guarantee information protection. However access control companies in Dubai is widely offer different application. ABM will guarantee of any data lost if backup secure periodically. We promote smart access control machine. ABM is the right to fully accept the fact that the size of your personal information belongs to you secure in dedicated hard drive. ZK Teco Access control system companies develop and support comprehensively for you to benefit from the access control system companies in Dubai.

Access Control System Companies

Alpha Business Machine Technology Dubai offers a time punching platform with over 100 products from all over UAE. We also give it to your door. While both the Suprema and ZK F22 “sports optical readers”, the state-of-the-art biometric reader is wide ranging. With so many readers available on the market, it’s a small-scale big bore. It can hold 600 internals with an easy take off of the latest Face/finger view. It also includes 20,000 fingerprint patterns divided into teams.

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