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ZK Teco Biometric Fingerprint Attendance

Product Description

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance is an associate innovative biometric fingerprint reader for Time & group action applications. Furthermore, providing unique performance using a sophisticated algorithmic program for reliability, precision, and glorious matching speed. Besides this, The TX628 options the quickest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. Furthermore, the three-inch TFT will show additional info vividly, together with fingerprint image quality and verification results, etc.  Besides this, TCP/IP communication is customary and makes certain the info transmission between terminal and computer may be simply done within many seconds.

Furthermore, ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Attendance is one of the most renowned and popular brands for the production of Biometric Access and Attendance control devices. Besides this, I have listed three ways to retrieve, reset without any loss of data on ZKTeco Biometric Devices. Furthermore,  there are at least 3 ways to Reset the Admin Passwords on ZKTECO Fingerprint Biometric Devices.

Resetting the Fingerprint Device Password using the Tamper Switch Method.

The Resetting of   Fingerprint Device Password using the Software

Resetting the Fingerprint Device Password using the Time-Based Method


Optical Sensor Color display device.

One-touch quick user finger recognition
Stores up to 3,200 finger templates
80,000 attendance logs transactions
Furthermore, Reads Fingerprint, Cards, or PINs
Proximity RFID card reader
Built-in Network Ethernet TCP/IP ports
USB port optional manual data transfer when network down
Furthermore, Audio / Text message for valid or invalid fingers
Besides this, Software development Kit available

ZKTeco Biometric OF-160 Fingerprint Attendance

  • Fingerprint Capacity= 3200
  • Card Capacity= 10000
  • Transaction Capacity= 80,000
  • Hardware Platform= ZEM510
  • Sensor= ZK Optical Sensor
  • Algorithm Version= ZK Finger v10.0
  • Communication= RS232/485, TCP/IP,USB-host,USB-client
  • Optional Functions= ID/Mifare/HID,Webserver,printer,9 digit user ID
  • Display=3 inches TFT Screen
  • Power Supply= 5V DC 2A
  • Operating Temperature= 0 C- 45 C
  • Operating Humidity= 20%-80%
  • Biometric Machine Installation ServicesWhile biometric fingerprint attendance systems offer numerous benefits, organizations should be aware of potential challenges and considerations. These include:
    1. Data Privacy and Security: As biometric data is highly sensitive, organizations must implement robust security measures to protect this information from unauthorized access or breaches.
    2. User Acceptance and Training: Employees may initially resist the transition from traditional attendance methods to biometric systems. Providing proper training and addressing concerns can help overcome this resistance.

    Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System in Dubai

    To ensure successful implementation and adoption of a biometric attendance system, organizations should follow these best practices:

    1. Clear Communication and Employee Buy-in: Transparently communicate the benefits and purpose of the system to gain employee buy-in and address any concerns they may have.
    2. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations to safeguard employee privacy and maintain trust.

    Cheapest Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine

    Several organizations in Dubai have already experienced the transformative power of Alpha Business Machine Technology’s Biometric Attendance System. Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that showcase its effectiveness:

    1. TOA Corporation: By implementing Alpha Business Machine Technology’s biometric attendance system, TOA Corporation reduced time theft by 40% and achieved significant cost savings by streamlining attendance management processes.
    2. Dusit Thani Hotel: Dusit Thani Hotel implemented Alpha Business Machine Technology’s biometric attendance system to enhance security and improve workforce management. The system led to a 30% reduction in payroll errors and improved overall operational efficiency.

    Biometric attendance system with door lock

    As technology continues to evolve, the future of biometric attendance systems looks promising. Some emerging trends include:

    1. Contactless Biometrics: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, contactless biometric solutions, such as touchless fingerprint recognition or mask-wearing facial recognition, will gain popularity.
    2. Artificial Intelligence Integration: AI-powered algorithms will enhance the accuracy and speed of biometric identification, further improving the overall performance of attendance systems.


    The adoption of a biometric attendance system, such as Alpha Business Machine Technology’s solution in Dubai, offers organizations a reliable and efficient means of tracking employee attendance. With its benefits of accuracy, security, and streamlined processes, it empowers businesses to optimize workforce management and make informed decisions. As the technology continues to advance, the future holds even more exciting possibilities for biometric attendance systems.


    1. How secure is biometric data in Alpha Business Machine Technology’s Biometric Attendance System?

    ABM’s Biometric Attendance System prioritizes data security and follows industry best practices to protect biometric data. Robust encryption techniques and access controls ensure that the data remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

    1. Can Alpha Business Machine’s Biometric Attendance System integrate with existing HR and payroll systems?

    Yes, Alpha Business Machine Technology’s solution is designed to seamlessly upgrade & integrate with existing HR  payroll systems. This system modification minimize the need of manual data input, reducing typing errors and cost saving time.

    1. What if an employee’s biometric skin changes over time?

    Alpha Business Machine Technology’s system allows for easy re-enrollment or updating of biometric data in case of changes such as fingerprint alterations or facial features. The system ensures smooth transitions and accurate identification even with updated biometric traits.

    1. Is Alpha Business Machine Technology’s Biometric Attendance System compliant with data protection company HR regulations?

    Yes, Alpha Business Machine Technology’s solution adheres to data protection regulations and ensures compliance with legal requirements. Stringent measures are in place to safeguard employee privacy and protect sensitive biometric data.

    1. How can Alpha Business Machine Technology’s Biometric Attendance System improve workforce productivity?

    By automating attendance tracking, Alpha Business Machine Technology’s system reduces administrative overhead, allowing HR personnel to focus on strategic symbol initiatives. Cloud base Real time attendance. This data and analytics enable managers to optimize human resource allocation department wise, Weekly shift roaster streamline scheduling, and improve overall workforce productivity.


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