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Access Control System Price

Product Description

Access Control System Price 

MF-850 Door Access Device is a Big Color screen Smart RFID and Fingerprint access control. Furthermore, New color LCD display, latest open design for the keypad. Besides this, The real professional access control function of access privilege options. Furthermore, multi-user recognition. Besides this, Users period setting, every user can set a time duration period.

An Access Control System (ACS) is a security technology used to regulate access to a building, facility, or resource. The goal of an ACS is to grant access to only those individuals who are authorized to enter.  While keeping unauthorized individuals out. Access control systems can range from simple key-based locks to complex biometric systems that use fingerprints, iris scans, or facial recognition technology.

Biometric door access control system Price

An access control system typically consists of three main components: the reader, the controller, and the lock. The reader is the device that identifies the user, such as a keypad, card reader, or biometric scanner. The controller is the central processing unit that manages access decisions and communicates with the reader and lock. The lock is the physical barrier that restricts access, such as a door or gate.

Access control systems can be used for a variety of applications, including advanced controlling access to secure areas in a building, such as data centers, server rooms, or sensitive government facilities. Monitoring and controlling access to secure areas in a hospital, such as patient rooms or drug storage areas.

Regulating access to a parking lot or garage. Controlling access to elevators or specific floors in a building. In addition to providing physical security, access control systems can also be integrated with other security technologies, such as video surveillance, alarm systems, and visitor management systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution.


Operating system Linux 2.6, Fingerprint sensor is En6048 optical, Effective collecting area is 16 x 18 mm (6.50 x 5.4 1inches)
Fingerprint plane acceptance angle is always >45°C. Fingerprint capacity: 2000 pieces, Logs Capacity: 60000 logs
Query logs functions, Verify mode is fingerprint, password, card, PIN. False reject rate (FRR) is ≤0.010%
Normal False accept rate (FAR) is ≤0.0005%, Identification time is ≤5 Seconds, Then one way communication is 1:1/1:N, Language display on LCD multilingual, LED indicator available on  power and status LED light, Keypad size is 4 x 4 keys, 4 Function keys, 1 doorbell option is there.
Card reader inside, Card type is EM (ID). Punching distance: 20 to 80mm (0.78 to 5 inches), Communication: RS232/RS485, TCP/IP communication, USB slot. USB data download/upload, U disk download, Software support: A1 time attendance management system. Full Access control function W26/W34, Wiegand 26/34 in/out for external reader, Daylight saving time Dubai.

Fingerprint access control system

ZM-850 Standalone professional fingerprint access control system. Furthermore, Color LCD Adopts new version algorithms the most advanced fingerprint algorithm, high speed, and stability. Besides this, Improve the quality of reading and well accept all kinds of fingerprints. Reading speed less than 1 second when fingerprint capacity Beep alarm when records are full, voice prompt with all operations.

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Door Access control system biometric fingerprint rfid card for entry and exit security Access control systems can be used to secure private area or offices, and it can be used to make your private area safer, or even to make it impossible for unauthorized users to access.

Door access control system in Dubai

ABM door Access control systems allow authorized persons to enter and exit certain areas of your business in a safe and secure manner while keeping out unauthorized people. They may include small networked systems for a single building or big electronic keypads that lock many buildings. Within Sharjah, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, we provide all product and accessory categories, from basic access control to an advanced access control system. Access control systems also make it much easier to administer your facilities because you no longer need to track for lost keys from fired employees, determine which sections are accessible, or replace lost keys.

Access Control System Price

Card access system Dubai

A card access system is a security system that uses cards as a means of granting or denying access to specific areas or buildings. These systems typically use a magnetic stripe, smart card, or proximity card that must be presented to a card reader in order to gain entry. The reader then communicates with a control panel, which verifies the user’s credentials and either grants or denies access based on predefined rules.

Card access systems are commonly used in offices, residential buildings, and other secure facilities to control access and improve security. They can be programmed to allow access to specific individuals at specific times, or to restrict access to certain areas based on job function or security clearance.

In addition to controlling physical access, card access systems can also be used to track and log access events, providing a record of who entered or exited a building, when they did so, and which door they used. This information can be useful for security and investigation purposes, and can also be used for time and attendance tracking.

ZK Teco Access System

Alpha Business Machine conduct thorough testing and calibration to ensure the ZK Teco Access Control system’s accuracy, reliability, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

HIK Vision Access  Installation

Provide comprehensive training to administrators and end-users on operating the access control system, managing credentials, and troubleshooting common issues. Hand over the system to the organization after successful implementation.

ZK Access Control System Suppliers Dubai

Here are some frequently asked questions about ZK ACS suppliers in Dubai from Alpha Business Machine Technology, along with concise brief answers:

 What are the advantages of selecting an access control system?

Main advantage of installing an access control system provides enhanced security, efficient access management, customized access levels, detailed audit trails, remote access control capabilities, and scalability for future growth.

Can Alpha Business Machine access control be synchronized with other systems?

Yes, access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and visitor management software for comprehensive security management.

How long does it take to fix a door access control system?

The door lock installation time be subject to the quantity and complexity of the project. Alpha Business Machine’s experts will assess your requirements and provide a timeframe for the installation process.

Can access control systems be customized to meet specific requirements?

Yes, Alpha Business Machine offers customized access control solutions tailored to meet the unique security needs, infrastructure, and budget of each organization.

 Is technical support available after the access control fixing?

Yes, Alpha Business Machine Technology provides ongoing technical support, maintenance services, and training to ensure that your access control system operates optimally and addresses any issues promptly.

Are Alpha Business Machine’s access control systems compatible with existing module?

Yes, Alpha Business Machine’s access control systems are designed to be compatible with existing infrastructure, making integration seamless and efficient.

Conclusion: Access Control System Price

Choosing the right access control system supplier in Dubai is crucial for ensuring the security and efficiency of your premises. Alpha Business Machine, as a trusted provider of access control systems, offers tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. By installing an access control system from Alpha Business Machine Technology, you can enjoy enhanced security, efficient access management, seamless integration with other security systems, and ongoing support from experts in the field. Safeguard your premises and streamline access management with Alpha Business Machine Technology ‘s advanced access control solutions.

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