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Biometric attendance system

Product Description

Biometric attendance system Dubai

ZK Teco biometric attendance system with a high resolution optical system offer the latest bio metric technology. The F-20 Fingerprint bio metric attendance System  provide maximum secured network. However convenient access and attendance management available many places at a lower cost. Besides this user operate in each local native and Network mode. Furthermore with a common place local area network interface is best option for small companies. ZK F-22  connected as a cluster in LAN Internet. Because the control of one Fingerprint Authentication Server (FAS)  is a proprietary package running on Windows 10. So in network mode, fingerprints are often kept and recognized within the FAS which may handle an unlimited range of fingerprints. Besides this, in local mode, every F-22 bio-metric attendance system can store up to five hundred fingerprints itself and may be used as standalone access control and time attendance machine.

Fingerprint Attendance

ZK Fingerprint  machine in Dubai use CPU type Advance 32 Bit Cords 5.0  because  RISC  Fingerprint Sensor Algorithm use  HSA 8. And Fingerprint New sensor is real Optical but effective collecting area is 6.30 x 5.510 inch.
Fingerprint biometric attendance system acceptance angle is less Then ± 44.99°C .Fingerprint user capacity is 2000 numbers.
EM card capacity is 2000 nos. Card Punch attendance logs memory is 200000 numbers. Query logs available in every access control machine. Verify mode in all Fingerprint is Password and Card. False reject rate(FRR) less Than 0.01% .False accept rate(FAR): Less Then 0.0001%. Identification time: Less Then 1 Seconds. Identification speed: Fastest 5000—-30000 nos./sec. Verify way: 1:1/1:N Voice option: High Definition voice LCD: 128.0 x 64.0 Large blue background with Black characters. Language display on LCD is English. Name display on LCD available biometric attendance system
LED Indicator: Red and Green LED light Keypad is 16 numeric keys

Biometric Attendance SystemBiometric Fingerprint

Fingerprint Attendance System Provider

Punching Card Type in Proximity is EM. And Punching distance is 10 to 70 mm. TCP/IP Communication is Available on biometric attendance system.
USB Data download and  upload: Yes U Disk download: Yes Software support: Time Attendance Software
Access control function: Lock Integration Power supply: 12Volts DC Current: 1 Amp Backup power: 12 Volts Besides this for more details you can contact us.

Steps to Install Biometric Access Control Systems

Installing biometric access control systems requires careful planning and execution. There are the main procedure involved in the fixing of ABM EY-818 Model

  1. Security Assessment: Conduct a thorough security assessment of the premises to identify access points, high-security areas, and integration requirements.
  2. System Design: Work with ABM’s experts to design a customized biometric access control system that aligns with the security objectives and infrastructure of the organization.
  3. Hardware Installation: Install the necessary hardware components, such as biometric readers, control panels, and power supply units, at strategic access points.
  4. Software Configuration: Configure the biometric access control software to define access levels, user permissions, and integration settings.
  5. Enrollment and Database Creation: Enroll authorized individuals into the system by capturing their biometric data and creating a secure database.
  6. Testing and Calibration: Conduct comprehensive testing and calibration to ensure the system’s accuracy, reliability, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.
  7. Training and Handover: Provide training to administrators and end-users on system operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Hand over the system to the organization after successful implementation.

FAQ Biometric Access Control Dubai 

Here are some frequently asked questions about biometric attendance system & access control systems in Dubai, along with concise answers:

How secure are biometric access control systems?

ABM EY-818 Biometric access control systems introduce a smart high level of security. The unique physiological traits used for identification, such as fingerprints or iris patterns, are nearly impossible to replicate, providing robust protection against unauthorized access.

Can biometric access control systems be integrated with existing system?

Yes, biometric access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing security infrastructure, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and visitor management systems. This integration enhances overall security effectiveness and streamlines access management.

Are biometric access control systems suitable for high-traffic areas?

Yes, biometric fingerprint access control systems are designed to handle high-traffic areas efficiently. Swift authentication methods, such as fingerprint or face recognition, enable seamless access for authorized individuals, ensuring smooth operations even in busy environments.

What if an individual’s biometric data changes over time?

Certain biometric modalities, such as iris recognition, are highly stable and remain unchanged over a person’s lifetime. In cases where physiological traits may change, such as fingerprints due to aging or scarring, ABM’s biometric access control systems can adapt and accommodate these changes.

How long does it take to enroll individuals into a biometric system?

Enrollment time varies depending on the number of individuals and the specific biometric modality used. However, modern biometric systems offer rapid enrollment capabilities, ensuring efficient onboarding without causing disruptions to daily operations.

Are biometric access control systems GDPR compliant?

ABM ensures that their biometric access control systems comply with data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They prioritize data security and privacy, implementing measures to safeguard personal information.


Biometric access control Dubai from Alpha Business Machine Technology provides an advanced and reliable solution to enhance security and efficiency in various sectors. Whether you choose fingerprint recognition, face recognition, palm vein recognition, iris recognition, or voice recognition, implementing biometric access control systems offers numerous benefits, including heightened security, convenience, accuracy, and cost savings. With Alpha Business Machine Technology‘s expertise and tailored solutions, organizations in Dubai can fortify their premises and streamline access management, safeguarding their assets and ensuring a secure environment for all stakeholders.

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