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Time Attendance System Dubai

ZK Teco K-14 Fingerprint Attendance System 

We have a highly talented group of IT professionals who will make sure that your issue solve accordingly. Our technical staff have full expertise in different brands fingerprint time attendance system. We easily troubleshoot all other brands access control system. Our team has been very keen on offering the most effective services in the field of time attendance system. We provide at favorable costs to resellers and shoppers. This product can function as a completely standalone machine with the use of Time 5.0 software application. Most of the Biometric Time Attendance Systems do not keep an image of the fingerprint but a template. A template is basically a number that is calculated based on various characteristics of the fingerprint.  Fingerprint Time Attendance system algorithm use easy integrations, fast updation, follow-ups, and flexible customization. 

K-14 ZK Teco Fingerprint

biometric fingerprint Dubai

K-14 is doubtless one among the famed models of the punch-in system machines and the best in our complete array of Biometric Fingerprint time attendance machines. We complies software coding with the most recent industry standards.  We deal in various sorts of ZK Teco Bio metric Time Attendance & Access Control systems.  With high-performance firmware functions and compact design, K-14 has become one of ZK Teco’s most popular device.

Advantages Of Fingerprint Time Attendance System Dubai

In any case the unique mark information in the Software data set is marginally. Programmers AI process could utilize a taken finger impression to break into a genuinely simple security framework. A further developed framework may be conceivable, as well assuming they have heaps of time and cash available to them. Traditional methods, such as a sign-in sheet, time clock, or swiping an ID card designed to reduce employee theft, Employer rely on an honor code.

Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance System

ABM biometric Fingerprint Based T&A System make Time Tracking Fingerprint Credentials for Access and T&A management. Small businesses, factories, government or public lands use commonly wherever access control management is needed. ZK 3969 is designed with various powerful applications for office environments. It is very convenient for your access control and security of time and management, inspection and centralization. It has smart fingerprint detection technology for dry, oily and wet fingers. Normally 1:1 verify 1 to Fast rate for Independent networked operation on a large number or log of events and activities. Automated data pull service to use employee logs track without a manual push option. ZK-Teko 3969 Face & Eye recognition biometric is first choice of medium size businesses. 

Best access control system in Dubai

Built-in fake fingerprint detection technology use for registration and identification. We can put per every user for real-time monitoring and administration. We sell easy to use manual with LCD and sound technical Specifications like ATF  2  with CPU 64 Bit RISC high end Software. Optical Scratch free Scanner with finger Pattern Storage Capacity 2.000 template store permanently. Real time record Storage Capacity 50,000 is expandable up to 1 million logs. Smart Card Reader is in demand with LCD display 4 lines and  16 digits. 120×32 Graphic display available in English language with battery backup up to 4 hours. Please submit your Inquiry for ZK Teco Fingerprint Reader Model 3969 Fingerprint Reader. Facial recognition designed for your successful business and powerful applications. It is very convenient for your access control and security of time attendance, inspection and centralization.

Time Attendance System Dubai

Hacker with stolen fingerprints

It is practiced by UN lawful hackers to adopt bypass technique to breach security of fingerprint algorithm and promote buddy punching practices by stolen fingerprint images.

Besides this we also deals with other various varieties of fingerprint machines.



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